TOCICO 2018International Conference

April 30 - May 1 | The Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas

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Flawless executionat warp speed

Learn how Theory of Constraints (TOC) can fast-track your good ideas into flawless execution. Two days of real-life examples from the real world.

All modern initiatives fail in execution. Strategy is generally good. Execution's the problem. At the heart of each of these failures of execution is a scheduling problem.

Dr. Eli Goldratt alluded to this problem in his best-selling TOC book, The Goal.

Since then there has been a small army of dedicated practitioners who have taken that central idea and turned it into scheduling approaches for shop floor, distribution, software development, sales and marketing, project management, accounting and more.

Many of these organizations are posting best-in-class, world-beating results. They are using TOC to solve execution problems in all parts of the business—from marketing and sales at the front-end to production, operations and fulfilment to the back-end.

Come and hear these stories AND how to replicate their results.

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About the Cocktail Event

It’s the favorite hour of the conference: the TOCICO cocktail party. Join the speakers and fellow delegates for drinks and a short, interesting talk on the future of TOC. There will be drinks, appetizers and the opportunity to mingle and rub shoulders with like-minded people. It starts at 5.30pm on day one (just after the last session) and finishes in time to get ready for the TOCICO dinner.

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What to expect from TOCICO 2018

Success stories

Each speaker will showcase real world, validated case studies of the successful application of TOC for extraordinary results across all parts of the business: from sales to production (and everything in between).

Smart people

Prepare to meet lots of smart people with a single-minded focus: to execute good ideas, faster and better than the competition for dramatic and sustainable results.

An opportunity to learn

Each speaker (and many delegates) has a deep understanding on the practical application of TOC that far surpasses esoteric theory. Choose from several tracks of interactive workshops dedicated to different strains of TOC that you can put into practise as soon as you return to the office.


It’s not just all work. You’ll have the opportunity to mingle, relax and share stories over breaks and the cocktail party and awards dinner. Plus, it’s Vegas after all!

Featured 2018 speakers

Just Some of the highlightsyou can expect at TOCICO 2018

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Just some of the companies represented at TOCICO 2018

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